We help luxury and premium brands adapt to an evolving landscape.

Many consumers no longer think of brands as simply providers of products, but as a part of their lifestyle. They expect brands to deliver meaningful experiences and build long-lasting relationships with them.
Our mission is to help these brands adapt to this changing reality, by transitioning from a transaction-based service model to a relationship-based customer experience model.
Albatross provides tailored programs combining staff feedback sessions, multi-touchpoint customer experience evaluation, and retail training. These offer our clients an end-to-end solution that engages staff, inspires customers, and builds long-lasting, emotionally-driven relationships.

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17 Worldwide Offices, 26 Nationalities, 13 Languages
We are a truly global company with a passion for superior customer experience that is internationally consistent and locally relevant. Our diverse teams of experience analysts and retail trainers work with consumers and staff in every market in their own language and cultural context, guaranteeing that your brand experience is delivered perfectly on the ground.

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